Monday, May 23, 2011

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I would love to have something like this done of Julton and I!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I wish that I would pick up knitting, or just start crocheting again. It's getting cooler so maybe soon... maybe soon I will start working on that blanket I started last year. Or maybe I will buy some kneedles to work on that "knitting for dummies" book my mom sent me. Instead of just reading it... who sits around and reads a knitting book? (without even knowing how to knit ..or trying for that matter)  Apparently this girl.
Source: None via Julie on Pinterest

I'm now officially set out to get a picture of Zanax (our cat) like this... I love it. And I usually hate cat/kitten photos. (Except of my own of course) But this is definitely not a... "oh how cute a kitten" kind of photo.. that cat is just cool... 

er, you know what i mean.