Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Erin Cole-Baker

i fell in love with this song/video when i first saw it. i was watching one of her other videos and trying to decide if i loved it... i wasn't quite committed, and then i saw this and was completely won over. she plays a dulcimer! i saw one of those.... in the cultural center when i was a girl scout (jiji) and was taught a few strums. just like the piano and flute... i couldn't play anything that anyone would like to hear. but... this lady can.

you should take yourself to go check out her fun website and listen to her beautiful music: 
Erin Cole-Baker

Monday, October 25, 2010

lemon curd

note to self: 

apparently anyone who is anyone that is anyone makes lemon curd. 

you should figure out that puzzle. ...aka - make some.

i see lemon curd being made on almost all of the blogs that i follow. is this a coincidence? maybe. maybe not. it keeps springingup and making me want to make it to figure out why it is so popular. I think its like a pastry filling... but i've also seen it used as a jam... its made from lemons.. which we dont have here. well, we have small limes and big limes, and a fruit that looks like a lemon but its actually sweet. 

oh the puzzle. 

to be continued....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

crochet it.

a man with a crochet hook. and hes not using it to gauge someone. i like it. 

i stumbled upon the crochet bloke blog today, and i find it very interesting... it reminds me of a little memory from high school when we photographed a friend of mine to put him in the yearbook because he knits. i cant imagine julton knitting or crocheting something. although he did help me put a few stitches into the scarf i made him last fall...


i love tapestries. i still have each one ive ever bought. my favorite being one i bought from a roadside (make that - highly advertised highway side) antique shop. when i traveled between south carolina and home i would always stop at them. actually once when my friend karrie went for a visit with me, we mapped out all goodwills within a ten mile distance of the interstates we were taking, to stop at along the way. that was a blast. it definitely took us a while to get home that trip. 

that tapestry, my favorite, made it onto our wall today. im pretty excited about it. it makes the whole room feel different. ( I wrote more about this over at my other blog, with more stories... if you would like to see: perandom

speaking of tapestries... tell me that leather/tapestry bag isnt awesome. i found it at Porteen Gear, an etsy shop.

also a fun find: this tapestry bound journal which i found in a shop called helicopter leaf over at Artfire.

a sofa? a sofa.

First a small note: If you are reading perandom and also this one :Thank you! Now, if you are doing that you will notice that this post happened there also. Thats because... I decided to put it in both places. Its a part of our lives... and a little crafty, so that I saw it appropriate to put it here too, hopefully little by little more of the posts here will be things we are doing ourselves!

Now onto it...

Who needs a sofa or couch when you can make your own "artesianal sofa" with your own blankets/tapestries/pillows? :D

Since we moved from a furnished apartment into a not so furnished apartment... weve been in lack of a couch. And we haven't really been set in high gear getting one either, for several reasons. We don't have a lot of time together at a good time of the day to go look... and we just don't to shell out much money for a couch we arent sure how long we will use. So Julton had an idea for his "artesianal sofa" and pulled out blankets and pillows and my -favorite- i might add, tapestry. It works for us :) 

Friday, October 22, 2010

skirt yourself

i saw this fun photo at craftgawker... and followed the link to the blog recipe for cute

it's my first time visiting her blog and it looks fun and sweet and very crafty. she posted about this skirt that she made by a completely photographed step by step tutorial ! It looks fun and comfortable. Oh to have a sewing machine.... wait... -oh to be able to sew. 

Three Red Apples

When I was younger ( I don't remember exactly how young.. too young to drive.. too young to go out by myself in general... but big enough to use a needle responsibly?... big enough to want to use a needle responsibly.) I remember that my grandma Rogers would teach me bits about how to needle point. i think i made something with a little dog on it? thats probably still in a trunk i have of fond memories from her. i distinctly remember a few things from my time visiting her. walks to the nearby mall for a small order of mcdonalds french fries, needlepoint, moth balls?, and her sugar free (she was diabetic) delicious orange no bake cheesecake. my mouth waters at the thought of that cheesecake. you know the feeling, when you can remember exactly how a spoonful feels on your tongue. ...yeah.

well, although i remember vaguely how to do a needlepoint/cross stitch... i would by no means say "I can cross stitch" I could probably do it for myself... but I wouldn't let someone else depend on my ability. kind of like swimming. But I haven't made anything since those fond memories with my grandma. Then. I saw these pieces.... and they really make me wish that I still did it, or kept at it, or just made it a part of my resume :D I originally found out about this work from the site: Epheriell Designs . And I love it! It's from an Etsy shop called 

After seeing those, who wouldn't wish that they still had that handiwork ability?

(After rereading what I wrote I realized maybe the correct word is embroider? or are needlepoint cross stitch and embroider all the same? I'm not sure...)

the first

this is new... and i haven't exactly figured out where i'm going with it yet, so if you are reading... just bare (bear...?) with me for a while! i realized that i was stalking so many other blogs and art and craft and bookmarking this and wishing i did that... that i thought i would put it all together into something that i would try to use to give myself the pilas (literally: batteries, read: energy) to actually do something about it. i used to be a person that collaged in old books... that carried a journal and took lots of pictures... i used to crochet ALOT... i used to make earrings, and out of buttons at that! notice all the usage of "used to"? well, that's what i'm going to try to fix. i havent figured out where i want to start or what to do or just the plan of action in general. but im going to. and this blog is going to help me. so i hope that you enjoy the photos, recipes, quotes, verses, music, patterns, and links to other blogs in general that will be!